Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Maker Monday

The April Maker Monday is coming up non Monday, 4/13.
Students have made some great things at our maker activities the last several months! Maker Monday is open from 8:15 - 8:45 and 3:40 - 4:30. Any interested students can drop in and make stuff! Many of our projects repurpose old books.

Spring Book Fair

The Highland Spring Book Fair is just around the corner.
The book fair will be held in the Learning Center from 4/13 - 4/17 during the school day. Students will have a chance to visit the book fair during their class visits to the library.

On Wednesday, 4/15, the Highland Open House will run from 7 - 8:30, and the book fair will be open during that event. Participating teachers will have wish lists of desired items for their classrooms posted.

Scholastic now has an online component for the book fair. If you are interested in browsing for titles or doing some online shopping, the link to the fair is -