Friday, April 17, 2009

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Seldom in the realm of young adult fiction are we placed into the mind of a character such as Katsa. Graceling by Kristin Cashore narrates from the point of view of a young lady who struggles with control over her own life. In the world of Graceling, some individuals are born with proficiency in a certain skill, called a Grace. These “Gracelings” have distinctive eyes that identify them. Some are alienated, while others rise to higher positions. Katsa is discovered to have a Grace that isolates her from other people and Gracelings alike: the Grace of killing. She is exploited by her uncle Randa, a king. Unexpectedly, she meets a mystifying Graceling fighter, Prince Greening, or “Po”, who seems to be able to read her like an open book. He becomes one of her first real friends. A mystery arises as to the kidnapping of Po’s grandfather, and they discover a secret that threatens the destruction of all they know.

Graceling was better than I anticipated, seeing as it was the author’s debut novel. I didn’t completely like the writing style in the beginning, but I did get used to it after the first few chapters. The plot and character development, especially the change in Katsa’s personality, became more absorbing as I read on. The twist at the end especially surprised me. Those who enjoy fiction or fantasy would most likely enjoy this book because of its array of colorful characters.

Review by Bear Xiong

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Need by Carrie Jones

Zara, has been sent to her parents’ home state, Maine, months after her father died. When the book starts, Zara is extremely depressed about it. Her mother sends her to live with her Grandma Betty for some time. When she gets there, she goes to a new school and meets the creepy guy. Turns out, the creepy guy is a pixie. This is all I can say if i don't want to spoil the book.

Another cool thing in the book are the fears. Zara names all kinds of funky fears and phobias that no one has ever heard of. There are so many you can't even remember them all. This suspenseful book is packed with action and love. I think it is great for guys and girls even though the main character is a girl.

Review by JG

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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Last Invisible Boy by Evan Kuhlman

The Last Invisible Boy was a sad and funny book about a boy named Garret who is writing a diary/journal of his life. He had recently lost his dad which he calls "the terrible day that changed everything", and he explains the struggles of his brother, his mom, and himself. During this time he feels like he is “going invisible.” Garret hasn’t gone to school for weeks and goes to the cemetery where his father is buried. Garret has a friend that helps him the whole way through.

Review by cecx2

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Earth Day Book Swap

Highland students will have the opportunity to participate in the school's first book swap. Students are invited to bring in a middle school appropropriate book from home they no longer want or need. Students can drop these books off in the Learning Center any time in the next few weeks.

Then, on Earth Day, April 22, the book swap will be open for action. All of the books that were collected during the swap will be on display. Students who brought in a book are welcome to come to the library and choose a new-to-them book from what other students' have added to the swap. It'll be a great way to reuse books and get some new things for students' personal libraries!

Highland Book Fair, 4/14 - 4/17

The spring book fair will soon be arriving at Highland.
The book fair will be held in the Learning Center from Tuesday, 4/14 - Friday, 4/17. Students will have the opportunity to browse and shop when they visit the library with their literature classes. The book fair will also be open during Open House from 7:00-8:30 on Thursday, 4/16.

If you have questions. please contact Ms. Wyatt.