Friday, April 17, 2009

Need by Carrie Jones

Zara, has been sent to her parents’ home state, Maine, months after her father died. When the book starts, Zara is extremely depressed about it. Her mother sends her to live with her Grandma Betty for some time. When she gets there, she goes to a new school and meets the creepy guy. Turns out, the creepy guy is a pixie. This is all I can say if i don't want to spoil the book.

Another cool thing in the book are the fears. Zara names all kinds of funky fears and phobias that no one has ever heard of. There are so many you can't even remember them all. This suspenseful book is packed with action and love. I think it is great for guys and girls even though the main character is a girl.

Review by JG

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