Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dairy Queen and The Off Season

Over break I read The Off Season by Catherine Murdock. I won a whole box of brand new copies in a book club contest! This is the title the 8th grade Lunch Bunch is reading for our April meeting. DJ is the only girl playing varsity football around. Her life is going along smoothly, so smoothly in fact she feels like the other shoe is about to drop. And it sure does. On top of discovering her family's money troubles that may put the future of their farm in jeopardy, her kind-of boyfriend never wants be seen with her in public, her best friend has stopped coming to school, she hurts her shoulder, and her oldest brother has been seriously injured in a football game. DJ deals with all the turmoils with sincerity. This book was a joy to read!

The Off Season is the continuation of DJ's story. When I saw the first book, Dairy Queen, come back into the library last week, I just had to pick it up. I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed reading the first part of DJ's story too. Although I think I liked The Off Season just a little bit better.

I'm looking forward to the book club discussion of the book later this week!

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