Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Evil Genius

I just finished Evil Genius. The sequel for this book, Genius Squad, just arrived at the Highland library as well.

Cadel is smart, really smart with a genius IQ. He is moved ahead in school despite his teacher's concerns about his social skills. He is also a master manipulator and studier of systems of all types. Small challenges he tackled were to create traffic jams and make all the teachers late for school without getting caught. Cadel is surprised when he finds out from his psychologist, Thaddeus, that his dad is really Phineas Darrkon, one of the most dangerous criminal masterminds around. Cadel gets enrolled in the Axis Institute, an academy to train potential supervillians and other evil doers. Cadel starts to wonder if he is really cut out to be evil and if his plans are spinning out of his control. I enjoyed the book, but the characters and plots once Cadel starts at the Axis Institute got a bit convoluted. This book would definitely appeal to fans of the Artemis Fowl series!

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