Sunday, September 7, 2008

Support for Book Clubs

I just finished reading a book this week for a new book club that I've started with my childhood friends. These are girls I've been friends with since middle school - that's a long time! Since we are spread out all around the country, we are going to use technology tools to connect us together to let us having our "meeting".

The Learning Center runs several book clubs at Highland for students. However, I know there are many Highland students who have book clubs of their own or want to read the same books with friends. Libraries are great resources to help facilitate book clubs, and the Highland Learning Center is no exception! From offering help in gathering copies of the books to providing suggestions for things to read to having meeting space for groups, libraries offer all sorts of services for book clubs. The Highland Learning Center will offer these services to you as well. If you have a book club for your group of friends or want to get one started, feel free to ask me for help - I can work with you to get copies, select books, or build discussion questions.

I'll let you know how my virtual book club meeting goes later this week!
Happy Reading and Discussion!

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