Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Friend at Midnight by Caroline Cooney

A Friend at Midnight by Caroline B. Cooney is about a girl named Lily and her family. Her brother Michael just moved out to live with her dad. Michael is just eight, but he really needed his dad. Lily lives with her mom and her stepfather. Her stepfather isn't too bad, but Lily doesn't like him simply because he isn't her dad. Nate, Lily's baby stepbrother, is the only sibling she has left living with her, since her big sister, Reb, is just going to college. On the day that Lily's mom and stepdad are taking Reb to college, her little brother calls. He doesn't call from his dad's house though he calls from the airport. Michael just got dropped off at the airport without anything at all. The reason why her dad dropped him off was because Michael wasn't "the son he had in mind." Lily goes through a lot of trouble to pick Michael up, and then not trying to tell anyone what happened to Michael. Michael didn't want his dad to get in trouble, because he was still his dad. No matter what, Michael would always love him- something Lily would never be able to do again, after what had happened to her brother.

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