Friday, January 23, 2009

Boost by Kathy Mackel

I really enjoyed the book Boost by Kathy Mackel. This book is about sports and how some people turn them into more than just fun. Savvy is a star basketball player and her older sister Callie is a flyer on a cheerleading team. Although their sports are very different, they are both looking to boost their game. When illigal steroids are found in Savvy's gym bag, she says they are not hers but no one seems to belive her. Meanwhile, her sister, Callie, is stuggling to keep her position as the star flyer on the team even after she is told she is getting too heavy and needs to drop some weight. How far will both girls go to stay on top? You'll have to read Boost to find out!

Review by FredrickO'Charles

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