Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Wowsa! I got hooked into this book. I had heard from a couple students and other librarians that it was a book I shouldn't miss. I agree! Although I think I actually hollered out at the end because it left me hanging and waiting for book two...

Katniss is chosen as the District 12 girl competitor for the annual Hunger Games. The games consist of 24 teens, two from each district. Life is hard in District 12, and Katniss and her best friend, Gale, have to scrounge and hunt illegally in order to help their families survive. When she travels to the capital Katniss and Peeta, the boy competitor from District 12, have to compete in the games and try to outwit and outlast the other contestants in a game of life and death that is manipulated for the interest of the viewing audience. With a little bit of everything, this book will appeal to a wide audience. There was action, adventure, fights to the death, and even some romance. This book kept me turning the pages and the end left me hanging and hungering for the sequel.

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