Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Door of No Return by Sarah Mussi

Zac Baxter is just a teenager when his grandfather is brutally murdered and their apartment ransacked. Suddenly caught in a deadly conspiracy where every move could bring a deadly checkmate, Zac has no one to trust and everything to lose. Zac moves to Ghana in a thrilling conclusion that can uncover the truth…and a treasure of gold. This fast paced book boasts an exciting plot, tons of intriguing foreshadows, and every new clue in the mystery completely throws you for a loop. Also, the reader will enjoy the Zac’s amusing thoughts like this portion of the book.
“‘Why do you think I was so ready to help you?’
‘Because of my stunning good looks,’ I suggested.
‘Dummy,’ said Mina.”

Unfortunately, sometimes the book moves a little too quickly and the foreshadows can ruin the suspense of sections of the book. However all in all the book was an amusing and novel that compelled you to keep reading.

Review by Septimus Demosthenes

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