Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Does Your America Look Like? Exhibit

This week there is an exhibit of art, music, and literature of the 1930s in the Learning Center. All of the works include artists' representations of American life. The exhibit is organized into eight stations that include podcasts or audio to accompany the works of art. All Highland students will have a chance to visit the exhibit in one of their classes.

As a response to the exhibit, students are invited to contribute to a mural and a blog as a way to reflect on American life today.

A movie made up of newsreels from the 1930s include bits of news, sports, entertainment, and daily life.

Students list to the podcast about the works of Grant Wood, including American Gothic.

Students look at images of Jacob Lawrence and the Great Migration.

One of the Spanish courses in the school created podcasts to help explain what they found in a mural by Diego Rivera and then created artwork of their own.

So far the exhibit has been well received. I think it'll be a great week!

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