Monday, March 4, 2013

One Book, One School = A Success!

Breakfast Book Discussion in the LC
Friday (3/1/13) was the culmination of a very successful One Book, One School project. I got chills when our visiting author, Mawi Asgedom, asked the assembly full of students how many of them had read his book, Of Beetles & Angels, and nearly every hand in the gym was raised.
Throughout the week long celebration of the book, there were numerous opportunities for students, staff members, and members of the community to discuss the book. In total about 120 people participated in one of these events, leading to much great conversation about Mawi's memoir of coming to America from Ethiopia via a refugee camp in Sudan. The story inspired many of us. 

On Friday, Mawi spent the morning with us at Highland. His day was filled talking with student leaders over breakfast, doing two assemblies for the entire student body, and having lunch with students who had read and discussed his book. 

A great group of faculty members at Highland worked together to make this project and learning experience possible!

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