Thursday, October 31, 2013

Marie Lu is Awesome!

Marie Lu is least that's the consensus from the group of Highland students that Skyped Legend on Wednesday.
with the author of

We had an audience full of students who were fans of the author's work, and I think we were all even bigger fans by the time our Skype session ended. She is approachable, insightful, and interesting. After giving us a brief intro about the idea behind Legend, we had a chance to ask her questions. Highland students took turns asking really thoughtful questions about her writing process, inspiration for her work, and getting advice about writing.

After being asked for advice about finishing up stories and struggling as a young writer, Ms. Lu NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, which happens to be in November. Several of those in the audience, me included, were inspired and decided to take on the challenge of trying to crank out a novel in the month of November.
responded, "Let yourself write something that is bad. Force yourself through...finish a story, no matter how bad it is!" She also mentioned

It was a great virtual author visit. We all value the opportunity to have "met" Marie Lu!

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