Sunday, March 16, 2014

Highland Gets Ready to Welcome Neal Shusterman

On Thursday, April 10, Highland will welcome guest author Neal Shusterman. Mr. Shusterman is a prolific author of books for tweens and teens. Many of his books have been very popular among Highland students including Unwind, Bruiser, Everlost, and The Schwa Was Here.

When Mr. Shusterman visits Highland, he'll do two large group assemblies so that all students in the building will have a chance to hear him speak. After lunch, he'll lead two writer's workshop sessions. These sessions will be for small groups. Students who are interested are encouraged to apply for one of the spots in the workshop. The application is available here. The application deadline is Thursday, March 20.

The visit will end with a book signing in the Learning Center.  Students who want to purchase a book or books written by Mr. Shusterman may order them through the library. Order forms are available in the LC, LA/Lit classrooms or can be printed here.

We are all so excited to welcome Mr. Shusterman visit Highland this spring!

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