Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Highland to Offer Summer Checkout to Students

For the first time this year, interested students are invited to check out books from the Highland Library collection to read over the summer.

There are many studies that have explored the impact of summer reading on students. Students at Highland read regularly throughout the school year, and we want to remove any material obstacles to keep students reading over the summer.

Each participating student can check out up to ten books for the summer. Books will be due back to the library during the first week of school in the fall.

The expectation is that students will take good care of the items taken for summer break. Students will be responsible for the cost to replace any lost or damaged materials, much like they are for items checked out during the school year.

Students and an a parent, simply need to fill out this Summer Checkout Agreement and return to the Learning Center. Books for summer reading can be selected from Thursday, 5/28, and Wednesday, 6/3. Please consider participating!

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