Friday, May 16, 2008

Shug by Jenny Han

It looks like there are some good books that are 2009 Caudill Award nominees. I read Shug by Jenny Han last weekend, and I thought it was so good! I talked to several Highland girls this week, and all of them really liked it too.

Here's what I wrote about the book on my LibraryThing page:
Shug (Annemarie) is getting ready to start junior high. When the story begins she has just discovered that she is love with her best friend, Mark. However, in junior high everything is different. Her parents are not getting along, her mom is drinking a lot, her sister is out of the house as often as possible, and she is worried about what will happen with her best friend Elaine, who is clearly meant to be in the popular crowd. I loved the story with her arch-enemy Jack. This was just an all around enjoyable, touching read. I'm glad it is on the Caudill list! The girls at my school are really going to love it.

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