Monday, October 13, 2008

New Blood by Peter McPhee

New Blood by Peter McPhee is a very interesting and quick read (167 pages). Callum, a high-school aged immigrant from Scotland, has moved to Canada because of a horrible incident between himself and some thugs from his old, dangerous neighborhood. Callum’s whole family is now living with his older brother Ewan and his wife, Vickie. Callum soon finds himself between a rock and a hard place once again after he gets into a fight with the toughest group of guys at school on the first day. Callum is fortunate, however, to have found two new best friends; Aidan, the rebel, and Tyler, the technology buff. It seems that Callum has bitten off more than he can chew this time. He is in for a lot of surprises living on Morley Avenue. From a cute girl who has an abusive family member, to putting soap in a fountain, to pictures on the internet of Callum wearing a kilt, you never know what could happen next in New Blood.

I thought that New Blood was a relatively good story, but the storyline was not as good as some other books that I have read. It didn’t seem as if the plotline really came together in the end to serve a meaningful purpose. The ending of the book did not really satisfy me. Overall, I would give this book three stars because even though the plotline was not my favorite, the characters were well-developed and the book ended up to be very interesting. I would definitely recommend this book to those readers who are into teenage conflict stories. I usually would not pick out a book like New Blood so it was a somewhat new experience for me.

Review by BH

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