Monday, October 13, 2008

Exodus by Julie Bertagna

For science fiction and fantasy readers, I would highly recommend Exodus by Julie Bertagna. After pollution caused the polar ice caps to melt, entire continents have been covered by water and whole nations drowned, leaving only a few scattered islands inhabited by survivors. One of these is the island Wing. As the days grow hotter, the immense waters rise. Fifteen-year old Mara knows that her people need to face the problem before they all drown. A new discovery convinces her that strong cities were built that could provide safety for them. Her people leave to find them. Once they reach one of the grand metropolises, they realize those in safety have decided to turn away all refugees. As everyone grows ill, Mara sneaks in and finds others living in hiding in the city. They are convinced that she is meant to save them. When two of her new friends are taken to be slaves, she ventures into the world above with the hope of helping them all escape to a land that may exist in the north. With the help of a rebel citizen, her plan might work. In the end, Mara has to make a huge sacrifice so that the unwanted people can start their own civilization.

This novel was almost magical and had the important message of protecting our environment and acting with selflessness. My only complaint was that some of the subjects weren’t fully explained. This was a great read!

Review by KM

"Exodus Cover." Online image. LibraryThing. 13 Oct 2008

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Mrs. Kirsch said...

Several students have recommended this book to me, so I am anxious to read it. Another book I read called First Light by Rebecca Stead sounds alot like this - it was a very good book!